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We can tell by how she clenched his ass and looked him in the eye as soon as he walked through the door. He looks like hes grown a bit also, not just in stature but hopefully also in girth ;. It turns out he was in town for a big job interview, which he has been stressing about nonstop. His auntie seems to be stressing too, stressing about getting that good nephew dick shes been yearning for, and maybe even helping him relax a bit too. As her nephew is getting ready for the interview, Yasmin steps inside his room to help him get dressed.


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They piled out and gave some previews to what the night had in store. We found out who wasn't wearing panties real fast, as the skirts got pushed up. The asses were shaking and bouncing while the beats dropped. The girls couldn't keep their hands off each other, so tits were popped out everywhere. Tammy and a couple other girls started licking their lips for some real action.

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That, and tanning. Cassidy is a bit overly confident about herself but looking at the girl it's hard for me to not agree when she makes self-congratulatory comments. Being so confident and comfortable with her body, Cassidy has no problems at all stripping naked in the car, where we get all the interview questions out of the way. We learn about her first sexual experience, her likes and dislikes, and all that other shit we really don't care about but ask anyway to seem "interested in her as a person". Chicks like that.

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    You too motherfucker goddamn just let a woman twerk what the fuck is wrong with yall telling a woman what the fuck to do all the time

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