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The resource for today is called Class Dojo. What is Class Dojo? Class Dojo is a tool for the classroom that helps teachers work with students on classroom behavior and behavior management. This tool also allows teachers to share data that has been generated and captured from the program with parents and administrators.
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Can watching an avatar translate to real-life weight loss?

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Classroom Management with Class Dojo - ETEC

Classical conditioning: Classical conditioning Classical conditioning occurs when a stimulus that elicits a respone is paired with another stimulus that initially does not elicit a response on its own. Over time , this second stimulus causes a similar response because we associate it with the first stimulus. Case Question: Case Question How might a consumer who purchases a new outfit for his avatar on a virtual world be influenced by instrumental conditioning? The answer is YES, because the instrumental conditioning influence the consumer by helping him her to learn about the products Slide9: A lready, we know there are two process help customers to learn about products one of them is Instrumental conditioning I nstrumental learning occurs when response to a stimulus leads to " reinforcement " reinforcement positive if a reward follows a response after customers try new product and like it. I nstrumental conditioning occurs in one of three ways Yes, they can do. Using an avatar in a virtual world may be an associative link of a customer.
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This week, Aang starts to learn earthbending! Read on to see how the episode holds up. Training time! And, at least at the beginning of the episode, Aang is as excited as we are. This gives us a great opportunity to explore some of the differences between bending, most notably air vs earth.

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