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How to Have Wet Dreams Tonight? Yes, what was once an embarrassing event associated with adolescent hormonal changes is now something that some people both men and women seek to experience for themselves. And to be honest… is it really so surprising? Lucid dreaming provides us with what is, essentially, an entire new world within the realm of our subconscious mind. Not all dreams are lucid dreams… and contrary to what some people might believe, not all wet dreams are lucid either.
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Do Women Have Wet Dreams? Yes, And Here's How They Work

Apr 1, Raydene Hansen Totally random things can make guys horny. Not so random: Naked people, pictures of naked people, moving images of naked people, being naked, being touched by a naked person, and being touched while naked are all on that list of things that can affect his, uh, privates. The list tends to be largely nudity-related. But sometimes totally unexpected things make men horny, and they're like, "Brain and genitals, I don't know what you two are talking about but I just don't get it.
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Get the Wet Look

Gel makes your hair look as if you just stepped out of the shower. The creative use of hair gel makes it possible to style countless variations of festive hairstyles. Please check out our photo gallery and video for wet-looking hairstyles including strictly combed back styles and the faux bob Gel gives hair the appearance of being wet because the gel contains large amounts of water and holds it in the hair. Different portions of short or long hair can be combed to look wet and sleek. The wet shiny nature of gels adds a cool note to sleek hairstyles.
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By Rachel Shatto Sept 14 Tell me if this sounds familiar: There you are, hanging out with your partner, just minding your own business when they begin giving you "the look. That's sweet. Everyone wants to know they're desirable, but here's the problem: You are so not in the mood.

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