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It is only natural that a game with such a long development would have unused content within its files. Indeed, a large part of the map went totally unused in the final version. When fans finally managed to crack the game's files open, they discovered some interesting things among the character models. There are naked models for Gentiana during the sequence when she transforms into Shiva, which is viewed from the back within the game and Carmen Claustra, which is surprising, considering that she is an older woman.
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「Lightning Returns FF13」 31-B Yusnaan ~ Naked Snow++ Hard Mode (5★)

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After the party has weakened the Deling imitation, he will collapse on the ground, and Gerogero will emerge from his crumpled, lifeless body as the true boss to defeat. No real changes were made to the design of the monster, apart from the fact that his nails now have a beautiful ombre polish on them. But replacing red for blue definitely makes Gerogero look a little more comical and a little less nightmarish, especially in the context of the scene. When removed from the artwork, Chadarnook is revealed as a nude woman whose modesty is barely covered by a smattering of fog surrounding her body.
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Lightning nude - Final Fantasy XIII

Players travel between the planet Pulse and a moon named Cocoon to engage in missions for magical beings called the "fal'Cie. Combat is executed through a modified turn-based system in which players select various commands from a menu while freely moving one of three heroes through the battlefield. Players can also summon elemental creatures to battle an assortment of goblins, golems, zombies, wolves, frogs, bats, and robots. The game's cinematic cutscenes contain the most intense depictions of violence: machine gunfire from space ships strafe human characters below; humans and robotic soldiers exchange gunfire—aboard vessels, on the ground; a slow-motion gunfight depicts the cracked lens of a robot shot in the head by two semi-automatics. Cutscenes occasionally depict female characters dressed in revealing outfits: Holographic dancers—clad in bikini tops, skimpy leotards, and backless chaps—glide above the city during a festivity performance; flying-motorcycle models wear skin-tight tops that expose deep cleavage.
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Of course, the amount of fetish and cosplay items that the third game will feature certainly helped in revealing a more, well, revealing side of Lightning. So the question was posed, and no doubt intended as a joke — is Lightning bustier than before? We wish we were joking about this, but Toriyama actually instructed his team to make them bigger and even jiggle. Sort of like supportive underwear. Square Enix was bombarded and criticized.

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