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But did you know that some deer come equipped with honest-to-goodness, real-life fangs? Although you might imagine these fanged deer running around at night trying to find and stalk unsuspecting victims, the truth is a little more reassuring. Like antlers in other deer, deer fangs are mostly used as weapons by competing males vying for territories and access to breeding females. Most of these deer are also very tiny and only grow to about two to three feet high.
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Vampire Deer: Why Some Deer Have Fangs

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Meet Afghanistan's Elusive, Endangered "Vampire" Deer

Katane Template[ edit ] Cursed with a thirst for living blood and possessed of awful powers befitting creatures of the night, katanes are some of the more common half-undead. The human-like appearance and social behavior of vampires and their spawn result in ample opportunities for half-breed creation, and some vampires retain enough human sentiment to care for the child, improving the katane's chances of survival. Katanes are pale and slender, with jet-black hair and red, black, green, or yellow eyes. They have pronounced canines that extend for feeding and slightly pointed ears. Some of the less fortunate those with a Charisma score of 7 or below have batlike features. A katane has certain qualities it shares with all of its fellow "Half-Undead"; the Fetch , Ghul and Ghedan.
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Female Vampire wants to bite a young man.

Some rules for this list: At least one of the series regulars has to be a vampire. And there may be one or two other omissions, based entirely on the fact that some of the most obscure potential entries were impossible to evaluate due to, well, their obscurity. Here are the criteria used to evaluate these shows: General quality of execution, as well as innovation as it comes to exploring the nature of vampirism. It also highlights how the shows which are very good at tackling the subject matter are great… But a lot of them struggle. Also, the only exciting bit of innovation on the vampire front is doubling the fangs.
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Acceptable and expected are stories of immigrants adjusting to the West such as the one told in Indian- American Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake So this meant that Thai-American writer Somtow Sucharitkul had to change his name to sell horror fiction to white-bread Americans in the s, even though his first book was set in the United States. Canadian writer Madeleine Thien's debut novel Certainty stood out because of an ethnic Asian character who could barely bring herself to use the word "Chinese". And for the first book in his epic fantasy series, this year's The Grace Of Kings, Chinese-American writer Ken Liu decided not to have his photo on the cover in order to minimise reader prejudice.

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